Thursday, January 31, 2019

Sewer Bill Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that the 1st Quarter sewer bill is due no later than Thursday February 28, 2018.  Any payments received after close of business on Thursday, including those placed in the mail box outside our offices, will accrue interest daily.  For your convenience, you are able to pay your bill online through the following link:

Online Bill Pay

Please note, there are fees associated with online payments through our website.  There is a service fee of $1.05 for e-check, $3.95 for visa debt cards, and 2.95% of your total payment for all other cards payments that goes directly to the vendor (not the Authority).

You may also make payment through your own bank.  When doing so, please identify the property for which the payment is intended.

Shoud you have any quetions, please contact our offices at 856-461-1460 x1 and ask for Cheryl.